GriefShare 2018 Cycle 1

GriefShare 2018 Cycle 1

Are you struggling to cope with grief and in need of a safe space to learn how to cope? Join our first GriefShare session of 2018. Meetings are Thursdays at 7pm in The Court.

The Cycle Schedule is as follows:

DateSession NumberTopic
1/11/181Is This Normal?
1/18/182Challenges of Grief
1/25/183The Journey of Grief (Part 1)
2/1/184The Journey of Grief (Part 2)
2/8/185Grief and Your Relationships
2/22/187Guilt and Anger
3/1/188Complicating Factors
3/15/1810Lessons of Grief (Part 1)
3/22/1811Lessons of Grief (Part 2)
4/5/1813What Do I Live For Now?

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